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AUGUST 26, 2018

AUGUST 25th - 27th, 2017
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Oxford Acceleration Series

Outlaws, Rebels, Trucks, and, Cruisers
4/6 Cylinder Enduro, Spectator Drags,
Flag Pole Race, Smokey Donut Competition, &
ATV Side-By-Side Drags
Dana Cook, Caleb Emerson-Mains
among Armageddon of Destruction
winners at Oxford Plains Speedway
Oxford, Maine -- Richmond's Caleb Emerson-Mains scored an impressive 25-lap victory Sunday afternoon, highlighting the Armageddon of Destruction stock car racing card at Oxford Plains Speedway.

Emerson-Mains would have seen a fair share of action in his mirror if he was looking there, as there were a few anxious rivals having difficulties with fellow competitors on a few occasions. Veteran racer Ron Moon of North Yarmouth put the exclamation point on his championship season with a runner-up finish.

Gerry Freve of Buckfield raced to a third-place Outlaw finish, in front of Gray's Steve Moon, and Will Shurtleff of Dixfield. Steve Moon and winner Emerson-Mains scored heat race wins.

Cam Childs of Leeds dominated the 20-lap Rebels division main event, winning by a very healthy margin. Oxford's Gerard Cote was runner-up, with Caleb Emerson-Mains of Richmond also scoring a podium finish. Rick Montminy of Auburn and Oxford's Doug DeGroat rounded out the top five.

Brandon Varney of Auburn won his third consecutive main event in the Cruiser division. Jacob Hethcoat of South Paris made a vailiant effort that came up just short to claim the runer-up trophy. Oxford's Phil Knowlton, Will Dunphy, Jr. of New Gloucester and Paul Rowe from South Paris filled out the top five rundown.

Ryan Farrar of Oxford continued his dominance of the Truck class, outrunning a pack led by Gerry McKenna of Wilton to the checkered flag. Mark Grantham of Casco finished in third position. Nick Calvert of Steep Falls and New Gloucester's Chuck Estes rounded out the top five.

Kathryn Childs of Auburn held off a determined challenge from Maggie Ferland of Auburn to win the 25-lap Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Ladies division race. Melissa Ferland of Auburn was third, ahead of Chloe Kiley from South Paris and Mexico's Annie Chartier.

Dana Cook outgunned Matt Marizuk in the wild, yet highly-competitive, 50-lap Enduro race. Cook and Marizuk swapped the lead a couple of times late in the event. Josh Dube claimed the third-place trophy, just ahead of PASS North Series Technical Inspector Charlie Rockwell. David Robbins rounded out the top five.

Nuclear Nick Hoyt prevailed in a wild, 21-car Flagpole Race. Jeff Wentzell and Josh Dube earned second and third-place honors, followed by Dustin Brown and Ben Lahey.

Ben Lahey smoked his rivals with a 4-wheel drive Chevy pickup in the fan-determined Smokey Donut Show. Curtis Gerrish and Paul Suchecki also made the final round in that contest.

Jeffrey Whitney's 1986 Camaro defeated a Subaru WRX Nicholas Brichetto in the Specattor Drags final. Matt Mahar bested Tim Johnson in the ATV Drag competition.

This was the final event of the 2017 Season at Oxford Plains Speedway. The 45th Annual Oxford 250 on August 26 highlights a soon-to-be-announced 2018 schedule for Oxford Plains Speedway. Visit the track's Facebook page, call (207) 539-8865 or visit for more information and updates throughout the offseason.

Before the afternoon's racing action got underway the championship points awards were presented to the top competitors in all five Oxford Acceleration Series divisions, which compete mostly on Wednesday nights throughout the summer months.

In the Outlaws division the championship honors were presented to Ron Moon of North Yarmouth. Ajay Cates of Lyman earned Rookie-of-the-Year honors.

The Rebels division champion is Cody Childs of Auburn. Ralph Green of South Paris was the top freshman in the class.

Oxford's own Phil Knowlton claimed the Cruiser division title. Jesse Tobin of South Paris was the top rookie.

Ryan Farrar of Oxford prevailed in the Truck division title bout. Scarborough's Danny Wear was the top rookie.

Maggie Ferland of Auburn was best in Ladies competition in a division that had no rookie competing regularly.

Unofficial finishes from Armageddon of Destruction Day, Sunday, October 15, 2017 at Oxford Plains Speedway; Oxford, Maine showing finishing position, car number, driver name, and driver hometown (in Oxford Acceleration Series divisions only):
Photos by Mike Clark

Outlaws (25 laps) 1 4 Caleb Emerson-Mains, Richmond; 2 9 Ron Moon, North Yarmouth; 3 39 Gerry Freve, Buckfield; 4 19 Steve Moon, Gray; 5 3 Will Shurtleff, Dixfield; 6 17 Kathryn Childs, Auburn; 7 25 Kevin Leighton, Livermore Falls; 8 26 Skip Tripp, Norway; 9 03 James Roberts, Buxton; 10 3 Brian Brackett, Oxford; 11 74 Rick Thompson, Naples; 12 2 Ajay Cates, Lyman.

Rebels (20 laps) 1 11 Cam Childs, Leeds; 2 05 Gerard Cote, Oxford; 3 4 Caleb Emerson-Mains, Richmond; 4 44 Rick Montminy, Auburn, 5 84 Doug DeGroat, Oxford; 6 71 Chris Foster, Lisbon; 7 69 Adam Warner, Oxford; 8 04 Caleb Proctor, Casco; 9 46 Chaz Williams, Hope; 10 121 Jeremy Farr, Oxford; 11 21 Ralph Green, Auburn; 12 5 Logan Melcher, Fayette; 13 28 Cody Meserve, Sabattus; 14 1 Jeff Davis, Woolwich; 15 31 Cade Chapman, Bridgton.

Cruisers (20 laps) 1 1 Brandon Varney, Auburn; 2 14 Jacob Hethcoat, South Paris; 3 72 Phil Knowlton, Oxford; 4 4 Will Dunphy, Jr., New Gloucester; 5 48 Paul Rowe, South Paris; 6 3 Chachy Hall, Oxford; 7 2 Jeremy Decoster, Lewiston.

Trucks (25 laps) 1 2 Ryan Farrar, Oxford; 2 12 Gerry McKenna, Wilton; 3 07 Mark Grantham, Casco; 4 33 Nick Calvert, Steep Falls; 5 03 Chuck Estes, New Gloucester; 6 79 Seth Jordan, Windham.

Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Ladies (25 laps) 1 17 Kathryn Childs, Auburn; 2 77 Maggie Ferland, Auburn; 3 77 Melissa Ferland, Auburn; 4 16 Chloe Kiley, South Paris; 5 44 Annie Chartier, Mexico.

Enduro (50 laps) 1 44 Dana Cook, 2 45 Matt Marizuk,3 9 Josh Dube, 4 20 Charlie Rockwell, 5 27 David Robbins, 6 70 Alex Hinkley, 7 75 Patrick Ellsman, 8 24 Jonathon Emerson, 9 69 Chris Youland, 10 15 Jacob Timm, 11 54 Kris Merrill, 12 5 Brad Moore, 13 88 Ken Gayton, 14 42 Keith Russell, 15 91 Robert Weymouth, 16 73 Ben Lahey, 17 2x Jacob Pimoski, 18 777 Mike St. Germain, 19 48 Jacob Dobson, 20 77 Jeff Wentzell, 21 8 Calvin Rose, Jr., 22 54x Jonathon Baldwin, 23 4 Adam O'Neil, 24 60 Elizabeth Patritti, 25 00 Larry Lizotte, 26 1 Kyle Enman, 27 03 Brandon Caston, 28 124 Travis 'Tornado' Verrill, 29 7 Carl Conant, 30 35 Jonathan Flanders, 31 51 Alexis Duguay, 32 12 Darryl Quinlan, 33 11 Pat Hinkley, 34 19 Jim Bradstreet, 35 29 Phil Richardson, 36 17 Ryan Palmer, 37 22 David Cooper, 38 18 Matt Barrett, 39 13 Andre Currier, 40 05 Gerard Cote, 41 68 Ron Whitcomb, 42 6 Justin Karkos, 43 31 Scott Merrill, 44 85 Rick Dobson, 45 01 McKalla Pulk, 46 82 Chris Gray, 47 09 Parker Simoneau, 48 93 unknown, 49 71 Zach Emerson, 50 44x Perley Garland, 51 71x unknown, 52 80 unknown, 53 32 Tyler Higgins, 54 62 Jocelyn Stetson, 55 7 unknown, 56 10 Jason Cyr, 57 36 Nick Hoyt, 58 48 Robert Lowe, 59 421 Jen Morse, 60 41 Andy Cullens, 61 94 Adam Phillips, 62 66 Billy McIntyre, 63 28 Dustin Brown, 64 07 Dylan Luce, 65 79 Tim Hatch, 66 2 Rick Thompson, 67 50 Corey Edwards, 68 33 Jeremy Guptill, 69 100 Alex Smith, 70 97 Richard Kearsley, 71 304 Jeremy Paradis, 72 32x unknown, 73 11 unknown, 74 14 Tyler Merrill, 75 87 David Cropley, 76 21 Ralph Green, 77 89 unknown, 78 57 Wade Morrissette, 79 58 Matt Cotton, 80 55 Dean Jordan, 81 420 John Iadarola, 82 3 Chachy Hall. Unknown finishing positions: 72 Phil Knowlton, 08 Mike Morris, 0 Everett Gray

Flagpole Race (10 laps) 1 36 Nick Hoyt, 2 Jeff Wentzell, 3 Josh Dube, 4 28 Dustin Brown, 5 73 Ben Lahey, 6 15 Jacob Timm, 7 4 Adam O'Neil, 8 70 Alex Hinkley, 9 49 Robert Lowe, 10 71 Zach Emerson, 11 31 Scott Merrill, 12 27 David Robbins, 13 11 Pat Hinckley, 14 54 Kris Merrill, 15 62 Jocelyn Stetson, 16 3 Chachy Hall, 17 03 Caleb Proctor, 18 91 Robert Weymouth, 19 89 Skip, 20 85 Rick Dobson, 21 31 Scott Merrill.

ATV Drags: 1 Matt Mahar, 2 Tim Johnson.

Spectator Drags: 1 Jeffrey Whitney, 2 Nicholas Brichetto.

Smokey Donut Show: 1 Kris Merrill, 2 Curtis Gerrish, 3 Paul Suchecki.
Street Stock OPEN, & Bandits OPEN
PASS North Super Late Model Champion
Travis Benjamin - #7
PASS MODS Champion
Ben Tinker - #19
Curtis Gerry wins PASS Super Late Model
race at Oxford Plains Speedway,
Travis Benjamin earns second
PASS North Championship
Oxford, ME -- Curtis Gerry of Waterboro nailed down his second PASS Super Late Model win this season at Oxford Plains Speedway Saturday afternoon, while his closest on-track rival, Travis Benjamin of Belfast, riding a runner-up finish to nail down his second career PASS North championship.

Gerry, who added his name to the lists of Legends by winning the 44th Annual Oxford 250 back in August, had the best season of his career hot on the heels of what was previously his best year ever in 2016.

The Saco House of Pizza 7 and Gerry methodically cruised into contention from 12th starting position as Ben Rowe, Tracy Gordon, Dave Farrington and Joey Doiron took turns setting the race pace, with Brandon Barker also a notable early factor.

Benjamin, steering the Petit Motorsports Weirs GMC / Fisher Snowplows 7, is now a two-time winner of both the PASS North title and the annual Oxford 250 Classic. He lined up one spot behind race winner Gerry, finishing 1.58-seconds behind him under the checkered flag.

2016 PASS North champion DJ Shaw of Center Conway, New Hampshire filled out the podium aboard the Precision JLM / Dale Shaw Race Cars 60. Reid Lanpher of Manchester and Berwick's Doiron filled out the top five rundown.

Sixth through tenth in the finishing order were Hudson, New Hampshire's Derek Griffith, Glen Luce of Turner, Scott Robbins of Dixfield, early frontrunner Gordon, of Strong and 2016 Oxford 250 champion Wayne Helliwell, Jr. of Dover, New Hampshire.

Doiron, Ben Rowe, Gerry and Benjamin won 15-lap PASS Super Late Model heat races. John Peters of Westbrook and Maine Hall of Famer Mie Rowe of Turner aced the 15-lap last chance qualifiers.

Mark Lundblad, Jr. of Conway, New Hampshire raced to a career-first victory in the 40-lap PASS Mods main event, a rare, non-stop affair for the increasingly-popular open-wheel class. Lundblad started fourth and took command from Windham's Matty Sanborn, who led a healthy chunk of the main event before Lundblad took over.

Windham's Jimmy Emerson made an impressive, three-wide move to claim runner-up honors ahead of Sanborn, wrapping up his finest campaign with a little help from his many friends. Bruce Helmuth raced hard en route to a fourth-place finish.

Ben Tinker of New Gloucester rounded out the top-five, preserving his perfect record this season in that department on his way to the 2017 PASS Mods championship. In thirteen starts, Tinker won seven times.

Tyler King of Livermore coasted to victory lane once in front of the field after chasing Turner's Matt Dufault for the first half of the 50-lap finale to the Street Stock Quad Series. King could not seem to find a a way by Dufault under green-flag racing conditions early on, then powered away on a mid-race restart to leave no doubt on this afternoon.

Billy Childs, Jr., of Leeds, was the best of the rest, wrapping up a track championship season almost as well as possible. Andrew Breton of Greene wrapped up his best season with a late charge good enough to earn third-place hardware in victory lane.

Bryce Mains kicked up some dust with a fourth-place finish, and the Bridgton driver knew that was enough to nail down the 2017 Street Stock Quad Series crown, putting an exclamation point in his best-ever campaign. Teammate Dufault filled out the top five.

Casey Call of Pembroke, New Hampshire is building a good collection of trophies on his visits to Oxford Plains Speedway, and on Saturday it was the big one as the 14-year-old outran fellow teen racer Trenton Goodrow of Carver, Massachusetts by a comfortable margin in the 25-lap Legends Cars main event.

Parker Varney of Windham, Gray's Kevin Oliver and Colby Meserve of Windham rounded out the top five. Defending track champion Austin Teras was in Las Vegas for Legends Cars National Championship action. Teras and the Jay Cushman team had built a sufficient margin in the championship standing to earn this year's title despite, understandably, skipping the final race.

Jamie Heath of Waterford led all the way, though definitely feeling pressure much of the time, to win both the 25-lap Bandits division race and the 2017 Bandits Triple Crown Series title. Heath was challenged most of the way by fellow former division champion Shaun Hinckley of Oxford, but it was Turner's Tyler Green claiming runner-up honors as the checkered flag waved. Hinkley did join Heath and Green o0n the podium, with the top-five rundown completed by Kyle Hewins of Leeds and the Tornado, Travis Verrill of South Paris.

For more information please visit or call (207) 539-8865.

Unofficial results from the Pro All Stars Series Super Late Model and Mod races Oxford Plains Speedway; Oxford, Maine; Saturday, October 14, 2017 showing finishing position, car number, driver's name, driver's hometown:

Pro All Stars Series Super Late Model (150 laps) 1 7 Curtis Gerry, Waterboro; 2 7 Travis Benjamin, Belfast; 3 60 DJ Shaw, Center Conway, NH; 4 59 Reid Lanpher, Manchester; 5 73 Joey Doiron, Berwick; 6 12 Derek Griffith, Hudson, NH; 7 7 Glen Luce, Turner; 8 72 Scott Robbins, Dixfield; 9 14 Tracy Gordon, Strong; 10 27 Wayne Helliwell, Dover, NH; 11 4 Ben Rowe, Turner; 12 51 John Peters, Westbrook; 13 88 Brandon Barker, Windham; 14 14 Scott McDaniel, Livermore; 15 24 Mike Rowe, Turner; 16 57 Austin Theriault, Fort Kent; 17 23 Dave Farrington, Jr., Jay; 18 94 Garrett Hall, Scarborough; 19 44 Rusty Poland, Windham; 20 46 Dennis Spencer, Oxford; 21 53 Cole Butcher, Porter's Lake, NS; 22 73 Adam Polvinen, Hebron; 23 1 Scott Dragon, Milton, VT; 24 52 Dustin Tucker, Fredericton, NB; 25 9 Alan Tardiff, Lyman; 26 94 Shawn Martin, Turner; 27 0 Scott Luce, Strong; 28 53 Billy Rodgers, Old Orchard Beach; 29 44 Kyle Treadwell, Buckfield; 30 54 Johnny Clark, Farmingdale; 31 61 TJ Brackett, Buckfield; 32 60 Tim Brackett, Oxford. DNQ: 1 Billy Penfold, Oxford; 47 Gabe Brown, Center Conway, NH; 77 Nick Reno, West Bath; 36 Ryan Robbins, Dixfield; 2 Chad Munro, Waterboro; 01 Sammy Gooden, Whitefield, NH; 81 Dan Winter, Windham; 03 Scott Moore, Anson; 29 Kevin Morse, Woolwich; 28 Kirk Thibeau, Fort Farifield; 02 Shane Lane, Anson; 11 Jeff Burgess, Fairfield; 09 Jeremy Davis, Tamworth, NH.

2017 PASS North Super Late Model Champion: Travis Benjamin, Belfast.

PASS Mods (40 laps)
1 Mark Lundblad, Jr., Conway, NH; 2 12 Jimmy Emerson, Windham; 3 64 Matty Sanborn, Windham; 4 25 Bruce Helmuth, Wales; 5 19 Ben Tinker, New Gloucester; 6 60 Gary Shackford, Center Conway, NH; 7 17 Scott Alexander, Glenburn; 8 85 Jariet Harrison, Freeport; 9 2 Randy Sanborn, West Baldwin; 10 16 Patrick Sullivan, Poland; 11 44 David Grystwicz; Standish; 12 78 Ivan Kaffell, Raymond.

2017 PASS Mods Champion: Ben Tinker, New Gloucester.

Allen's Coffee Flavored Street Stock (50 laps) 1 11 Tyler King, Livermore; 2 1 Billy Childs, Jr., Leeds; 3 33 Andrew Breton, Greene; 4 77 Bryce Mains, Bridgton; 5 61 Matt Dufault, Turner; 6 09 Mark Turner, Norway; 7 85 Kenny Harrison, Durham; 8 34 David Vaughn, Naples; 9 51 Kyle Hewins, Leeds; 10 11 Danny Wear, Scarborough; 11 97 Donnie Wentworth, Otisfield; 12 93 Dave Langlais, Springvale; 13 4 Jordan Russell, Norway; 14 55 Kurt Hewins, Leeds; 15 8 Jimmy Duguay, Lewiston; 16 42 Kim Tripp, Oxford.

Quad Series Street Stock Champion: Bryce Mains, Bridgton.

Legends Cars (25 laps) 1 90 Casey Call, Pembroke, NH; 2 31 Trenton Goodrow, Carver, MA; 3 18 Parker Varney, Windham; 4 28 Kevin Oliver, Gray; 5 92 Colby Meserve, Windham; 6 399 Bobby Weymouth, Topsham; 7 84 Matt Grant, Windham; 8 4 Peter Craig, Poland; 9 6 Bryan Lancaster, Skowhegan; 10 14 Aliyah Neale, South Royalston, MA; 11 21 Mike Humphrey, Cornish; 12 09 Tom Searles, Upton, MA; 13 76 Russ Godbout, Mount Vernon; 14 0 Annette Humphrey, Parsonsfield; 15 717 Brian Damon, Gorham.

2017 Legends Cars Champion: Austin Teras, Windham.

Bandits (25 laps) 1 91 Jamie Heath, Waterford; 2 26 Tyler Green, Turner; 3 2 Shaun Hinkley, Oxford; 4 52 Kyle Hewins, Leeds; 5 24 Travis 'Tornado' Verrill, South Paris; 6 51 Adam Sanborn, West Paris; 7 77 Rob Crepeau, Minot; 8 44 Tyler Libby, Auburn; 9 4 Dave Brennan, Winthrop; 10 00 John Lizotte, Lewiston; 11 55 Dean Jordan, Jay; 12 83 Adam Josselyn, Waterford; 13 93 Justin Spear, Wiscasset; 14 81 Dustin Salley, Poland; 15 53 Ron Hinkley, Monmouth.

Bandits Triple Crown Series Champion: Jamie Heath, Waterford.

Oxford Acceleration Series
Outlaws, Rebels, Trucks, Ladies, Cruisers
BUDWEISER Oxford Championship Series
SLMs, Street Stocks, Bandits, Figure 8s
Dennis Spencer wins Championship
Series Super Late Model finale,
Alan Tardiff gets track title on tiebreaker at Oxford Plains Speedway
Oxford, Maine -- Dennis Spencer, Jr. of Oxford nailed down his second Budweiser Championship Series Super Late Model victory of the season in the 50-lap championship points finale Saturday night at Oxford Plains Speedway, while Lyman's Alan Tardiff prevailed in a points tiebreaker to claim his first championship in the track's premiere racing class.

Spencer, who just barely missed the cut to get into the recent Oxford 250 classic, started the race from 11th position. He quickly made his way forward through the field, had a good battle for the race lead with Scarborough's Kelly Moore, then held off Super Late Model rookie Ryan Robbins of Dixfield to claim victory.

Alan Tardiff of Lyman raced to a third-place finish after starting the race in 12th, eight points behind two-time track champion TJ Brackett of Buckfield, who ended up in seventh position. That put Tardiff and Brackett into a points tie, and with both earning two race victories during the season, Tardiff won the title by earning one more runner-up finish than Brackett during the racing campaign.

Kelly Moore led about half of the race and was fourth across the finish line. Ellsworth's Andy Saunders was the fifth-place finisher. Winterport's Ryan Deane was sixth, by inches, over TJ Brackett. Timmy Brackett of Buckfield, Alan Wilson of Hebron and Minot's Bruce Haley rounded out the top ten.

Race winner Spencer and Timmy Brackett were triumphant in a pair of 12-lap heat races for the Super Late Models.

Billy Childs, Jr. of Leeds won his seventh Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Street Stock main event of the year, wrapping up the track championship in the process. Childs took the lead at the 30-lap race's halfway point and maintained a fairly-comfortable advantage until the checkered flag waved.

Jordan Russell of Norway had his best run of the season, leading the first fourteen laps before finishing in second position. Rick Spaulding of Lisbon earned a third-place finish. Livermore's Tyler King just barely took fourth position away from West Poland's David Whittier at the finish line. Whittier and Bryce Mains of Bridgton won 10-lap heat races for the Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Street Stock class.

Jamie Heath of Waterford cruised to yet another victory in the 20-lap finale for the Bandits division. Heath, the 2016 Bandits champion, was chased across the finish line by last year's championship runner-up, Tyler Green of Turner. Chad Wills of Oxford, Tyler Libby of Auburn and Jay's Dean Jordan rounded out the top five.

Auburn's Brandon Varney prevailed in a tight Bandits division championship battle despite a 13th-place finish earned after missing a shift while running third on a late-race restart. Varney and Green won heat races.

Eric Hodgkins of Winthrop won the 15-lap Figure 8 race again, but runner-up Tommy Tompkins of Carthage wrapped up a track title with a runner-up effort. Third-place finisher Kyle Kilgore of South Paris ended up second in Figure 8 points. David Smith of South Paris and Jon Lizotte of Lewiston filled out the top-five rundown.

Gerry Freve of Buckfield outran Lewiston's Guy Childs to claim victory in the 25-lap Outlaw division's points finale. Rich Mains of Naples, at 51 the youngest of the podium finishers, was chased under the checkered flag by Steve Moon of Gray and Richmond's Caleb Emerson-Mains. Freve and Mains won the Outlaw division's heat races.

Ron Moon of North Yarmouth, who first strapped into a racecar 50 years ago, claimed the Oxford Acceleration Series Outlaw Division Championship.

John Childs of Leeds outran his son, Cam Childs, to claim victory in the 20-lap OAS Runnin' Rebel race. Brandon Varney of Auburn barely prevented a Childs family sweep with a third-place run. Auburn's Cody Childs nailed down the track title in the Rebel class, racing 'big picture' all the way to the checkered flag en route to a fourth-place finish ahead of Oxford's Doug Degroat. Varney and Jamie Heath of Waterford posted heat race victories.

Brandon Varney of Auburn raced to as second straight victory in the 20-lap OAS Cruiser class. Phil Knowlton of Oxford wrapped up his first Cruiser division track championship season with runner-up honors in the 20-lapper. Aubin's John Poulin, Paul Rowe of South Paris and Will Dunphy, Jr. of New Gloucester rounded out the top five. Dunphy won the heat race.

Danny Wear of Buxton won the battle, but a second-place run was all that Oxford's Ryan Farrar needed to earn the track championship in the OAS Truck class. Mark Grantham of Casco joined Wear and Farrar in victory lane. Nick Calvert of Steep Falls and New Gloucester's Chuck Estes rounded out the top five. Wear won the heat race.

Maggie Ferland of Auburn cruised into victory lane after her 20-lap triumph nailed down the track title in the Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Ladies race. Kathryn Childs of Auburn was second in the race and third in the championship bout. Bridgton's Shelby Shurtleff was the championship runner-up, finishing third in the final points race. Chloe Kiley of South Paris won the heat race.

Jake Matheson of Hillsboro, New Hampshire got by points leader and defending OPS champion Austin Teras of Windham en route to victory on the 20-lap Legends Cars main event. Trenton Goodrow of Carver, Massachusetts was third across the finish line. Buxton's Colby Meserve and Thomas Everson of Gilmanton, New Hampshire filled out the top-five rundown. Teras won the heat race.

Legends Cars will wrap up their Oxford Plains Speedway championship season with a race on Oct. 14th.  Pro All Stars Series Championship Day, with PASS Super Late Models, Mods and three other events is set for Saturday, October 14 at 1:00 p.m.

Armegeddon of Destruction with the five OAS classes and other regular Motor Mayhem events will close out the Oxford Plains Speedway season on Sunday, October 15 at 1:30 p.m.

For more information please visit or call (207) 539-8865.

Unofficial finishes from Championship Night, Saturday, September 9, 2017 at Oxford Plains Speedway; Oxford, Maine showing finishing position, car number, driver name, driver hometown:


Budweiser Championship Series Super Late Model (50 laps)
1 46 Dennis Spencer, Jr., Oxford; 2 36 Ryan Robbins, Dixfield; 3 9 Alan Tardiff, Lyman; 4 47 Kelly Moore, Scarborough; 5 01 Andy Saunders, Ellsworth; 6 54 Ryan Deane, Winterport; 7 61 TJ Brackett, Buckfield; 8 60 Tim Brackett, Buckfield; 9 53 Alan Wilson, Hebron; 10 52 Bruce Haley, Minot; 11 71 Gary Chiasson, Peru; 12 03 Scott Moore, Anson; 13 21 Shane Clark, Winterport; 14 75 Gray Smith, Bangor; 15 44 Trevor Sanborn, East Parsonsfield; 16 47 Gabe Brown, Center Conway, NH; 17 0 Scott Luce, Strong; 18 8 Calvin Rose, Jr., Turner.

2017 Oxford Plains Speedway Super Late Model Champion:
 9 Alan Tardiff, Lyman

Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Street Stock (30 laps
) 1 1 Billy Childs, Jr., Leeds; 2 4 Jordan Russell, Norway; 3 36 Rick Spaulding, Lisbon; 4 11 Tyler King, Livermore; 5 58 David Whittier, West Paris; 6 51 Kyle Hewins, Leeds; 7 77 Bryce Mains, Bridgton; 8 14 Anthony Constantino, Sumner; 9 33 Andrew Breton, Greene; 10 61 Matt Dufault, Turner; 11 09 Mark Turner, Norway; 12 02 Jason Curtis, Hollis; 13 27 Patrick Thorne, Standish; 14 38 Matt Gain, Standish.

2017 Oxford Plains Speedway Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Street Stock Champion:
1 Billy Childs, Jr., Leeds

Bandits (20 laps
) 1 91 Jamie Heath, Waterford; 2 26 Tyler, Green, Turner; 3 52 Chad Wills, Oxford; 3 44 Tyler Libby, Auburn; 5 55 Dean Jordan, Jay; 6 5 Jacob Hall, Oxford; 7 53 Travis Verrill, South Paris; 8 23 Chachy Hall, Oxford; 9 12 Daryl Quinlan, Westbrook; 10 71 Chris Foster, Lisbon; 11 18 Brian Hiscock, Turner; 12 00 Larry Lizotte, Poland; 13 1 Brandon Varney, Auburn; 14 56 Adie McDaniel, Bridgton; 15 33 Matt Hiscock, Turner; 16 08 Brandon Blood, Bryant Pond; 17 51 Adam Sanborn, West Paris; 18 77 Rob Crepeau, Minot; 19 76 Shawn Hood, Berlin, NH; 20 8 Josh Knoll, Mechanic Falls; 21 13 Bill Grover, Waterford; 22 04 Tyler Jalbert, Auburn.

2017 Oxford Plains Speedway Bandits Champion:
1 Brandon Varney, Auburn

Figure 8 (15 laps)
1 97 Eric Hodgkins, Winthrop; 2 113 Tommy Tompkins, Carthage; 3 4 Kyle Kilgore, South Paris; 4 54 David Smith, South Paris; 5 27 Jon Lizotte, Lewiston; 6 154 Devon Smith, Norway; 7 2 Dale Lawrence, Lisbon; 8 41 Greg Durgin, South Paris; 9 07 Kyle Glover, Oxford.

2017 Oxford Plains Speedway Figure 8 Champion:
113 Tommy Tompkins, Carthage

Outlaw (25 laps)
1 39 Gerry Freve, Buckfield; 2 73 Guy Childs, Lewiston; 3 02 Rich Mains, Naples; 4 19 Steve Moon, Gray; 5 4 Caleb Emerson-Mains, Richmond; 6 8 Jimmy Duguay, Lewiston; 7 2 Ajay Cates, Lyman; 8 9 Ron Moon, North Yarmouth; 9 74 Rick Thompson, Naples; 10 77 Maggie Ferland, Auburn; 11 17 Kathryn Childs, Auburn; 12 29 Dean Hanscom, Gray; 13 36 Tim Gagnon, Sabattus; 14 99 George Haskell, Casco; 15 32 Jacob Hethcoat, South Paris; 16 1 Andy King, Scarborough.

2017 Oxford Plains Speedway Outlaw Champion:
9 Ron Moon, North Yarmouth

Runnin' Rebel (20 laps)
1 69 John Childs, Leeds, 2 11 Cam Childs, Leeds; 3 1 Brandon Varney, Auburn; 4 94 Cody Childs, Auburn; 5 84 Doug Degroat, Oxford; 6 12 Chris Lavanway, Auburn; 7 14 Adam O'Neil, Turner; 8 52 Adam Wornock, Buxton; 9 21 Ralph Green, Auburn; 10 50 AJ Smith III, South Paris; 11 95 Mark Childs, Jr., Mechanic Falls; 12 17 Dan Wade, New Gloucester; 13 04 Caleb Proctor, Casco; 14 31 Cade Chapman, Auburn; 15 44 Rick Montminy, Auburn.

2017 Oxford Plains Speedway Runnin' Rebel Champion:
94 Cody Childs, Auburn

Cruisers (20 laps)
1 1 Brandon Varney, Auburn; 2 72 Phil Knowlton, Oxford; 3 20 John Poulin, Auburn; 4 48 Paul Rowe, South Paris; 5 4 Will Dunphy, Jr., New Gloucester; 6 21 Jeremy Lauzier, Rumford; 7 21 Ryan Palmer, Rumford.

2017 Oxford Plains Speedway Cruisers Champion:
72 Phil Knowlton, Oxford

Trucks (20 laps)
1 51 Danny Wear, Buxton; 2 2 Ryan Farrar, Oxford; 3 07 Mark Grantham, Casco; 4 33 Nick Calvert, Steep Falls; 5 03 Chuck Estes, New Gloucester; 6 20 Wade Gelinas, Buxton; 7 12 Randy Green, Norway; 8 79 Seth Jordan, Windham.

2017 Oxford Plains Speedway Truck Champion:
2 Ryan Farrar, Oxford

Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Ladies (20 laps)
1 77 Maggie Ferland, Auburn; 2 17 Kathryn Childs, Auburn; 3 3 Shelby Shurtleff, Bridgton; 4 16 Chloe Kiley, South Paris; 5 44 Annie Chartier, Mexico.

2017 Oxford Plains Speedway Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Ladies Champion:
77 Maggie Ferland, Auburn


HOMETOWN: Auburn, Maine

AGE: 19

CAR MAKE: 1998 Chevy Cavalier/1990 Honda CRX

RACING EXPERIENCE: 2 years in cars/11 years in Karts

CAR OWNER: Kevin & Jamie Varney


THE CREW: Kevin, Jamie, Ashleigh, Mike, Bob, Skip, Josh, Rick, Uncle Bill

SPONSORS: R&R Auto, R&R Vinyl, Maine Mobile Truck Service, AGF, Henry’s Concrete, Great Choice Vending, Four Seasons Synthetic Amsoil, Jennifer Howe Pampered Chef, Don Poulin Wheel Alignment, DNL Weatherization,  Wallace Home Improvement, John Thurlow INC, RPM, Victory Lane Tire Club, Superfan Club, KHM, Chachy Hall, Tommy Guns, Tommy’s Angels, Marcel Caron- Electrician, Snapfish Photography, Craig Moore Trucking, Kari Thibodeau, Daniel & Sam Howe, 99 Restaurant Auburn, Embroidery Expertees, Mainely Awards, Mainely Motorsports, Countryside Auto, Kennebec Rental, Kason & Gavin Harnish

RACING ACHIEVEMENTS: 7 wins in 3 divisions, 50 Kart wins and 5 championships

SPECIAL RECOGNITION:  “I really need to thank Rick and Robin Kimball for all their support as well as Uncle Bill for helping us every week.  I also want to recognize all the fans of Varney Racing for their immeasurable support.”-Brandon Varney

HOBBIES: Baseball, Softball

INTERESTING FACT: “I can’t turn down a hotdog, anytime…anywhere!”

Bandit Triple Crown Series

Race #1 - Oxford Plains Speedway
Sunday, July 30th

Race #2 - White Mountain Motorsports Park
Saturday, September 23rd

Race #3 - Oxford Plains Speedway
Saturday, October 14th

Payout for each Race: 1st $300, 2nd $150,
rd $100, 4th $75, 5th $65, 6th $55,
th $50, 8th $45, 9th thru 30th $40




Running Rebels Rule 9-18
9-18. Tires must be DOT type radial, same size, same number, Tires may be 60 series or numerically higher. Aftermarket Steel wheels are permitted. 13” or 14” Steel wheels ONLY. Stock or aftermarket permitted. One inch lug nuts permitted. Offset may not exceed 1/2 inch of wheel width bead to bead (i.e. Seven inch wheel must be 3 3/8 inches maximum offset measured from the front or back). Seven inch maximum wheel width. Note: 13” wheels will have 3” offset.
RULE UPDATE - 5/2/17
NOTE: After receiving several inquiries, we have reviewed and updated the rule to allow use of an unaltered 500 CFM Holly Carburetor. We are posting this to allow Street Stock Competitors time to make Carburetor changes if desired before OPS Opening day on Sunday, 5/7/17.

1-5.9 Carburetor    Stock 2 barrel or unaltered 500 CFM Holly carburetor allowed. NO 4 Barrel or 600 CFM + carburetors permitted. No K+N air filters. No spacers permitted.

Street Stock Rule Change 6-24-17
Metric and all full frame cars, 3rd generation and 4th generation cars will be allowed 2900 minimum total weight with 55% left side maximum with 65.5” maximum tread width.

Leaf spring cars will be allowed 2950 minimum total weight with 55% left side maximum with 65.5” maximum tread width.

Total weight, left % and width will have zero tolerance.

Metric and full frame cars can use 1” offset wheels with a 1/2” maximum solid wheel spacer. 1” solid wheel spacer can be used with 2” or less wheel offset. 5/8” wheel studs must have one thread visible beyond the lug nut.
Outlaw Rule Change 6-26-17
OAS Outlaw Rule 8-17
(c) Minimum ride height shall be 6" at the frame or lowest point of car with driver in car. 8-18. Tires must be OPS Hoosier 790 competition series tire. DOT type radials with 400 tread wear minimum, up to one tire size difference permitted, same number,15” tires must be 70 series only. 16” tires may be 60 or 65 series. Aftermarket steel wheels are permitted. White spoke wheels can be used. One inch lug nuts permitted. Offset may not exceed 1/2 inch. (i.e. seven inch wheel must be 3 inches or 3 1/4 inches maximum offset measured from the front or back). Seven inch maximum wheel width. Goodyear Eagle GT2’s are NOT permitted.    The words "3 inches" were added.
Sport Trucks Rule Change 6-26-17
10-2. Eligible models: Regular cab or extended cab trucks only. No club or quad. Chevrolet - S10, Ford – Ranger, Dodge – Dakota, Toyota – Pick up, Nissan – Pick up. Extended cab cages can provide a safe comfortable space for the driver but not have the driver's seat to far rearward. Please communicate with OPS Tech before building one. All other Models must be approved by OPS before being permitted to compete.    Extended cabs are now allowed.

Street Stock Quad Series (50 laps)
1 77 Bryce Mains, Naples; 2 11 Tyler King, Livermore; 3 51 Kyle Hewins, Leeds; 4 55 Kurt Hewins, Leeds; 5 04 Zachary Bowie, Greene; 6 61 Matt Dufault, Turner; 7 28 Dave Cameron, Alfred; 8 4 Jordan Russell, Norway; 9 09 Mark Turner, Norway; 10 85 Chandler Harrison, Freeport; 11 79 Travis Lovejoy, Waterboro; 12 35 Kristina Nadeau, Buxton; 13 2 Adam Lovejoy, Sanford; 14 38 Matt Gain, Cornish; DNS 15 Anthony Constantino, Sumner; DNS 84 Kenny Harrison, Durham; DNS 74 Rick Thompson, Naples; DNS 1 Mike Short, Auburn.

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