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Route 26, Oxford, ME  Phone: (207) 539-8865 
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Budweiser Super Late Models, Figure 8s
Allens Coffee Flavored Brandy Street Stocks, &
MacDonald Motors of Bridgton Bandits Divisions
Walmart Outlaws, Rebels, Trucks, Cruisers, &
Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Ladies Divisions

TJ Brackett Scores Super Late Model Win, Father Tim Brackett Earns Second Straight OPS Track Championship
Oxford, Maine - TJ Brackett of Buckfield prevailed over his best friend, Shawn Knight of South Paris, in a thrilling Budweiser Championship Series Super Late Model main event Saturday night at Oxford Plains Speedway.

While the race winner made his division-leading third trip to victory lane this season it was his father, Tim Brackett, scoring the big prize, claiming his second straight track championship. It was the fourth Oxford Plains Speedway championship for the Oxford native currently residing in Buckfield.

TJ Brackett started 11th and wasted little time getting to the front of the field to set up an extended battle with Knight throughout the 50-lap race. Knight earned runner-up honors, with Jay's Dave Farrington, Jr. third under the checkered flag after leading the opening laps in the event.

Scott Moore of Anson raced hard with the frontrunners all race long and ended up in fourth position. Scarborough's Garrett Hall rounded out the top five, followed by Reid Lanpher of Manchester, Shawn Martin of Turner, Scott Robbins of Dixfield, Dennis Spencer, Jr. of Oxford and the new and old champion Brackett in tenth.

Skip Tripp of South Paris battled hard to get the Rachel Dubois 21 into victory lane, leading early and leading late in a 30-lap test of supremacy in the Allen's Coffee Flavored Street Stock class. Tripp, one-handing his ride with a cast rendering his right hand all but useless, held off Oxford's Gerard Cote in the closing laps.

Bryce Mains of Naples raced hard alongside the winner for much of the race before crossing the finish line in second position. A third-place finish was more than enough to clinch the Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Street Stock title for Turner's Calvin Rose, Jr. David Whittier of West Poland was fourth, followed by Norway's Jordan Russell.

Jamie Heath of Waterford wrapped up an impressive championship season in the MacDonald Motors of Bridgton Bandits class, outrunning all his foes with seeming ease in the 20-lap finale for the entry-level Budweiser Championship Series event.

Gerard Cote of Oxford was the best of the rest in the Bandits race, chased by championship runner=up Tyler Green of Turner. Oxford's Charlie Hall and Josh Knoll of Mechanic Falls rounded out the top five.

Maine stock car racing Hall of Famer Jon Lizotte, 67, announced another retirement in victory lane after yet another impressive triumph in a 15-lap race to wrap up his second straight championship in what's in all reality a third childhood in Ariens/Gravely/Dave's Small Engines Figure 8 competition.

Lizotte's final win came in dramatic fashion, stealing victory on the final lap away from Josh Varney from Leeds. Varney's runner-up finish was a career-best, and Lizotte's last-lap score did not ruin his night. Greg Durgin of South Paris claimed the third-place trophy.

Ronnie Moon of North Yarmouth, a proven winner in the top class at the speedway decades ago, returned to victory lane for the first time in recent memory, acing the 25-lap finale for the NAPA OAS WalMart Outlaws.

George Haskell of Casco was the best of the rest in both the race and the battle for the track championship. Andy King of Portland led a lot of laps en route to a third-place finish in front of Guy Childs from Leeds.

Gary Babineau of Hollis Center rounded out the top five and wrapped up the 2016 NAPA Acceleration Series WalMart Outlaw Championship. Babineau and his car, numbered 2, were clearly the car to beat every time the class was in competition at the historic Route 26 oval track.

Brandon Varney of Auburn turned back all challengers to ace the 20-lap main event for the NAPA OAS Runnin' Rebel division. Cody Childs of Auburn and Buckfield's Matthew Mahar claimed the final trophies in an ultra-competitive race.

Dustin Salley of Poland was in fourth position when the checkered flag waved, and he wrapped up the 2016+ NAPA OAS Runnin' Rebebl division crown with that performance. Cam Childs of Leeds rounded out the top five.

Adrianna 'Addie' McDaniel, 16, of Bridgton, showed both boys and men the quick way around the historic Oxford Plains Speedway oval with an impressive romp into victory lane following a dominant performance in a 20-lap main event for the Cruiser class.

Michael McKinney of Berlin, New Hampshire was closing in on Addie when the checkered flag waved, but his runner-up finish was more than enough to nail down the NAPA OAS Cruiser Championship. John Childs of Leeds claimed the final trophy, with the top five filled out by Paul Rowe of South Paris and Oxford's Phil Knowlton.

Ryan Farrar of Livermore Falls bounced back from recent misfortunes to win the 20-lap Sport Truck race. Corey Williams of Sumner claimed runner-up honors in the unusually-competitive pack of frontrunners.

Mark Grantham of Casco, Ryan Hewins of Leeds and Sanford's Kristopher Knox rounded out the top five. The 2016 NAPA Acceleration Series Sport Truck Champion is Ajay Cates of Biddeford, the sixth-place finisher.

Kathryn Childs of Leeds prevailed in the 20-lap finale for Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Ladies division competitors. Childs inherited the race lead when Maggie Ferland's car would not fire following a red flag period, forcing a stop in the pit area with only a couple of laps remaining.

Childs and Breanna Spaulding of Lisbon outran Ferland to the checkered flag. Green's Susan Veinott and Chloe Kiley of South Paris rounded out the top five. Ferland earned the 2016 Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Ladies division championship by a comfortable margin.

The next event on the Oxford Plains Speedway schedule is PASS Championship Day on Saturday, October 15 at 2:00 p.m. Pro All Stars Series Super Late Model and Modified touring series will wrap up their championship seasons at this special event. A Street Stock open, Legends Cars and Runnin' Rebels will also be presented. Oxford Plains Speedway is located on State Route 26 at 877 Main Street in Oxford, Maine. For more information visit or call (207) 539-8865.

Unofficial results from Championship Night at Oxford Plains Speedway for the Budweiser Championship Series and the NAPA Acceleration Series on Saturday September 5, showing finishing position, car number, driver's name, driver's hometown.
Photos by Joseph Johnson

Budweiser Championship Series SUPER LATE MODEL (50 laps)
1 61 TJ Brackett, Buckfield; 2 25 Shawn Knight, South Paris; 3 23 Dave Farrington, Jr., Jay; 4 03 Scott Moore, Anson; 5 94 Garrett Hall, Scarborough; 6 59 Reid Lanpher, Manchester; 7 94 Shawn Martin, Turner; 8 36 Scott Robbins, Dixfield; 9 46 Dennis Spencer, Jr., Oxford; 10 60 Tim Brackett, Buckfield; 11 75 Gary Smith, Bangor; 12 3 Josh Childs, Oxford; 13 42 Alan Tardiff, Lyman; 14 53 Alan Wilson, Hebron; 15 72 Chris Coolidge, Norway; 16 68 Gary Chiasson, Peru; 17 113 Tommy Tompkins, Carthage; 18 3 Vanna Brackett, Buckfield; 19 54 Ryan Deane, Winterport; 20 01 Sam Gooden, Whitefield, NH; 21 44 Kyle Treadwell, Buckfield; 22 5 Dustin Bisson, Greene; 23 6 Shane Green, South Paris.

2016 Budweiser Championship Series Super Late Model Champion:
60 Tim Brackett, Buckfield.

Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy STREET STOCK (30 laps)
1 21 Skip Tripp, South Paris; 2 77 Bryce Mains, Naples; 3 8 Calvin Rose, Jr., Turner; 4 58 David Whittier, West Poland; 5 4 Jordan Russell, Norway; 6 23 Zach Emerson, Sabattus; 7 67 Michael Haynes, Livermore Falls; 8 24 Jonathan Emerson, Sabattus; 9 36 Richard Spaulding, Lisbon; 10 42 Kim Tripp, South Paris; 11 05 Glen Reynolds, Greene; 12 27 Pat Thorne, Standish; 13 60 Richard Wentworth, Center Conway, NH; 14 17 Gary Davis, Harrison; 15 61 Matt Dufault, Turner.

2016 Budweiser Championship Series Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Street Stock Champion: 8 Calvin Rose, Jr., Turner.

MacDonald Motors of Bridgton BANDITS (20 laps)
1 91 Jamie Heath, Waterford; 2 05 Gerard Cote, Oxford; 3 26 Tyler Green, Turner; 4 3 Charlie Hall, Oxford; 5 8 Josh Knoll, Mechanic Falls; 6 12 Tyler Merrill, Poland; 7 5 Jacob Hall, Oxford; 8 2 Richard Kimball, Mechanic Falls; 9 13 Bill Grover, Waterford; 10 4 Caleb Emerson-Mains, New Gloucester; 11 18 Brian Hiscock, Turner; 12 77 Rob Crepeau, Minot; 13 19 Chris Foster, Lisbon; 14 68 Cam Childs, Leeds; 15 14 Adam O'Neil, Lewiston; 16 90 Ryan Cushman, Temple; 17 00 Kyle Kilgore, South Paris; 18 5x Larry Lizotte, Poland; 19 33 Matt Hiscock, Turner.

2016 Budweiser Championship Series MacDonald Motors of Bridgton Bandits Champion: 91 Jamie Heath, Waterford.

Ariens / Gravely / Dave's Small Engines FIGURE 8
(15 laps) 1 27 Jon Lizotte, Lewiston; 2 28 Josh Varney, Leeds; 3 41 Greg Durgin, South Paris; 4 127 John Lizotte, St. Petersburg, FL; 5 4 Kyle Kilgore, South Paris; 6 3 Robert Morey, Lisbon; 7 2 Dale Lawrence, Lisbon Falls; 8 54 David Smith, South Paris; 9 97 Eric Hodgkins, Minot; 10 97x Gale Williams, Sumner.

2016 Ariens / Gravely / Dave's Small Engines Budweiser Championship Series Figure 8 Champion: 27 Jon Lizotte, Lewiston.

WalMart Outlaw (25 laps)
1 9 Ron Moon, North Yarmouth; 2 99 George Haskell, Casco; 3 1 Andy King, Portland; 4 5 Guy Childs, Sr., Leeds; 5 2 Gary Babineau, Hollis Center; 6 74 Rick Thompson, Naples; 7 8 Keith Stuart, Naples; 8 19 Steve Moon, Gray; 9 18 Parker Varney, Windham; 10 23 John White, Jr., New Gloucester; 11 28 Josh Varney, Leeds; 12 39 Gerry Freve, Buckfield; 13 4 Michael Roe, West Paris; 14 29 Dean Hanscom, Gray; 15 53 Jason Ricker, Poland; 16 13 Shawn Emery, n/a; 17 48 Chad White, Mexico; 18 47 Mike Poole, n/a.

2016 NAPA Acceleration Series WalMart Outlaw Champion:
2 Gary Babineau, Hollis Center.

Runnin' Rebel (20 laps)
1 1 Brandon Varney, Auburn; 2 94 Cody Childs, Auburn; 3 0 Matthew Mahar, Buckfield; 4 18 Dustin Salley, Poland; 5 11 Cam Childs, Leeds; 6 2 Shaun Hinkley, Oxford; 7 6 Cody White, Buckfield; 8 52 Mike Nichols, Livermore Falls; 9 00 Chris Giguere, Lake Wales, FL; 10 44 Rick Montminy, Auburn; 11 17 Dan Wade, New Gloucester; 12 12 Chris Lavanway, Poland; 13 121 Jeremy Farr, Oxford; 14 05 Gerard Cote, Oxford; 15 7 Dylan Luce, Turner.

2016 NAPA Acceleration Series Runnin' Rebel Champion:
18 Dustin Salley, Poland.

Cruisers (20 laps)
1 56 Adrianna 'Addie' McDaniel, Bridgton; 2 08 Michael McKinney, Berlin, NH; 3 69 John Childs, Leeds; 4 48 Paul Rowe, South Paris; 5 72 Phil Knowlton, Oxford; 6 8 Josh Knoll, Mechanic Falls; 7 17 Mickel Martin, Auburn; 8 20 Jeremy Decoster, Lewiston; 9 24 Christopher White, New Gloucester; 10 7 Kate Pastore, Greene; 11 12 Ralph Green, Auburn; 12 68 Jay Tucker, n/a.

NAPA Acceleration Series 2016 Cruisers Champion:
08 Michael McKinney, Berlin, NH.

Sport Trucks (20 laps)
1 2 Ryan Farrar, Livermore Falls; 2 39 Corey Williams, Sumner; 3 07 Mark Grantham, Casco; 4 2 Ryan Hewins, Leeds; 5 0 Kristopher Knox, Sanford; 6 2 Ajay Cates, Biddeford; 7 22 Jeff Schmidt, Mechanic Falls; 8 55 Dean Jordan, n/a.

2016 NAPA Acceleration Series Sport Truck Champion:
2 Ajay Cates, Biddeford.

Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Ladies (20 laps)
1 17 Kathryn Childs, Leeds; 2 21 Breanna Spaulding, Lisbon; 3 8 Maggie Ferland, Poland; 4 28 Susan Veinott, Greene; 5 16 Chloe Kiley, South Paris; 6 48 Anne Charter, Mexico; 7 3 Shelby Shurtleff, Dixfield; 8 34 Carleigh Vaughn, Naples; 9 47 Taylor Graffam, Hollis.

2016 NAPA Acceleration Series Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Ladies Champion:

8 Maggie Ferland, Poland.