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Route 26, Oxford, ME  Phone: (207) 539-8865 
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Cruisers, &
4 Cyl. Figure 8s

Gerry Crowned 2019 Track Champion
at Oxford
Plains Speedway

OXFORD, ME  -  Josh Childs of Otisfield won his first Super Late Model race of the season Saturday night while Curtis Gerry of Waterboro dominated the SLM races this season to be crowned the 2019 Super Late Model Champion at Oxford Plains Speedway.

Ryan Farrar of Oxford won his 3rd race in a row in the Sport Truck. Max Rowe of Turner picked up 2nd place while Randy Green of West Paris got 3rd. Rick Dobson of Hartford won his first championship in the Sport Truck series.

John Childs of Leeds picked up his 3rd win of the season in the Rebels. The Rebel race got off to a bad start when Dana Cook and David Cook made contact on the first lap that sent both of them into the wall. A red flag came out and Dana Cook needed medical attention. On the restart, John Childs took the lead passing Corey Roussel. Matt Mahar followed taking over 2nd place. Mahar spend the rest of the race trying to find a way to take the lead from Childs. AJ Smith raced up the outside and took over 3rd on lap 6. John Childs led the rest of the feature. Matt Mahar of Raymond had to settle for 2nd place with AJ Smith of South Paris rounding out the top 3. Nate Dubuc of Lewiston finished in 8th which earned him the 2019 Rebels Championship.

Brandon Varney of Mechanic Falls captured his 4th win of the season in the Outlaws. The race started off with a caution before the first lap was complete. Shaun Hinkley went 3-wide on the restart and ended up making contact with Matthew Veinott that made them both fall out of the top 5. Varney moved up to challenge Gerald Freve on lap 5 with Calab Emerson-Mains hanging back in 3rd. Caution came out on lap 11 when John Lizotte came to a stop on turn 4. Varney kept the lead on the restart and Freve was spun under the flagstand and slid into the wall. Brandon Varney led the rest of the feature. Calab Emerson-Mains of Richmond took home not only 2nd place but also his first Outlaws Championship. Johnathon Emerson of Sabattus picked up a 3rd place finish.

William Dunphy Jr. of New Gloucester won his 7th race of the season in the Cruisers and took home the 2019 Championship. Dunphy took the lead on lap 3 and led the rest of the feature. Phil Knowlton of Minot finished in 2nd while Luke Decoster of Greene took home 3rd after Brian Hiscock fell out of the top 10 late in the race.

Maddy Herrick of Norway won her 2nd Rookie feature of the season. Cole Binette led the first 3 laps of the race before Brady Childs made contact with him coming off turn 4. Owen Stuart and Dylan Cook made contact trying to avoid Binette wrecking. Binette had heavy damage, while Stuart and Cook both had damage to tires and were unable to drive away. With only Herrick and Brady Childs left in the race they called the race after only 3 laps. Brady Childs of Leeds won his first Rookie Division Championship.

Breeanna Spaulding of Lisbon finished her season undefeated in winning her 2nd Ladies Championship in a row. Spaulding took the lead on lap 4 and led the rest of the feature. Shelby Shurtleff of Dixfield finished in 2nd while Chloe Kiley of West Paris took home 3rd.

Dustin Salley out ran the field in the Bandits winning his 6th race of the season. With Impending weather it seemed as though the Bandits had a fuse under their cars making them race harder than usual. Grady Doherty took the early lead and led until lap 12. Dustin Salley, who raced up through the field, took the lead after Doherty got caught up in lap traffic. Alex Mowatt squeezed by Doherty, damaging his tire in the process and having to pit. Salley led the rest of the feature. Grady Doherty of Casco finished a season best while Chad Wills of Oxford finished in 3rd place and took home the 2019 Bandit Championship.

Matt Dufault of Turner won his 6th race of the season in the Street Stocks and won the 2019 Street Stock Championship. Dan Brown took the early lead and led until lap 26 when he got caught up in lap traffic. Dufault took the bottom and passed him and the lap cars. Dan Brown of Peru still managed to finish 2nd place while Jordan Russell of Norway took home 3rd place.

Josh Childs of Otisfield took the lead on the start and led all 50 laps of the Super Late Model feature. Tim Brackett of Buckfield chased Childs down but had to settle for 2nd place. Curtis Gerry of Waterboro finished 3rd to top off his SLM Championship season which he clinched last month.

Photos by Oriana Lovell

Super Late Models:
1. 3 Josh Childs, Otisfield, 2. 7 Curtis Gerry, Waterboro, 3. 50 Tim Brackett, Buckfield, 4. 72 Scott Robbins, Dixfield, 5. 9 JT Thurlow, Windham, 6. 94 Shawn Martin, Turner, 7. 88 Brandon Barker, Windham, 8. 8 Calvin Rose Jr., Turner, 9. 53 Alan Wilson, Hebron, 10. 21 Travis Benjamin, Morrill, 11. 5x Brian Whalley, Laconia, NH, 12. 47x Kelly Moore, Scarborough, 13. 44 Rusty Poland, Windham, 14. 20 Richie Brown, Wentworth, NH, 15. 52 Bruce Haley, Minot, 16. 59 Reid Lanpher, Manchester, 17. 36 Ryan Robbins, Dixfield, 18. 76 Patrick Levasseur, Minot

2019 Oxford Plains Speedway Budweiser Championship Series Super Late Model Champion:
#7 Curtis Gerry - Waterboro, ME

Street Stocks: 1. 61 Matt Dufault, Turner, 2. 83 Dan Brown, Peru, 3. 4 Jordan Russell, Norway, 4. 25 Shawn Knight, 5. 64 Skip Stanley, Oxford, 6. 36 Richard Spaulding, Lisbon, 7. 67 Michael Haynes, Livermore Falls, 8. 6 Brian Dorlloff Jr., Jay, 9. 03 Mark Theriault, 10. 27 Pat Thorne, Standish, 11. 21 Skip Tripp, Oxford

2019 Oxford Plains Speedway OCS Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Street Stock Champion:
#61 Matt Dufault - Turner, ME

Bandits: 1. 18 Dustin Salley, Mechanic Falls, 2. 1 Grady Doherty, Casco, 3. 54 Chad Wills, Oxford, 4. 04 Caleb Proctor, Casco, 5. 24 Travis Verrill, Oxford, 6. 6G David Getchell, 7. 08 Michael Mickinney, Bryant Pond, 8. 55 Dean Jordan, Jay, 9. 34 Bobby Doherty, Norfolk, MA, 10. 44 Jeff Libby, Auburn, 11. 77 Kevin Varney, Mechanic Falls, 12. 9 Craig Moore, 13. 11 Alex Mowatt, Norway

2019 Oxford Plains Speedway OCS Bandits Champion:
#52 Chad Wills - Oxford, ME

Rookies: 1. 95 Maddy Herrick, Norway, 2. 87 Dylan Cook, Minot, 3. 96 Cole Binette, Arundel, 4. 8 Owen Stuart, Naples, 5. 1 Brady Childs, Leeds

2019 Oxford Plains Speedway OCS Rookie Champion:
#1 Brady Childs - Leeds, ME

Figure 8s: 1. 07 Kyle Glover, Oxford, 2. 00 Larry Lizotte, Poland, 3. 2 Dale Lawrence, Minot, 4. 41 Greg Durgin, So. Paris, 5. 65 Dale Durgin Jr., Norway, 6. 97 Eric Hodgkins, Winthrop

2019 Oxford Plains Speedway OCS Figure 8 Champion:
#00 Larry Lizotte - Poland, ME

Sport Trucks: 1. 9 Ryan Farrar, Oxford, 2. 12 Max Rowe, Turner, 3. 2 Randy Green, West Paris, 4. 49 Jacob Dobson, Hartford, 5. 61 Derrick Drown, 6. 05 Rick Dobson, Hartford, 7. 39 Dwayne Durgin, New Gloucester, 8. 16 Angel Drouin, Turner

2019 Oxford Plains Speedway OAS Sport Trucks Champion:
#05 Rick Dobson - Hartford, ME

Rebels: 1. 69 John Childs, Leeds, 2. 19 Matt Mahar, Auburn, 3. 50 AJ Smith, South Paris, 4. 11 Cam Childs, Leeds, 5. 6 Cody White, West Paris, 6. 56 Addie Mcdaniel, Bridgton, 7. 71 Chris Foster, Bridgton, 8.1 5 Nate Dubuc, Lewiston, 9. 10 Corey Roussel, South Paris, 10. 69 Billy Childs Sr., Leeds, 11. 34 Bobby Doherty, Norfolk, MA, 12. 77 Brandon Varney, Mechanic Falls, 13. 30 Nathan Williams, 14. 21 Ralph Green, Auburn, 15. 05 Gerard Cote, Oxford, 16. 2 Butch Keene, Turner, 17. 7 Billy Childs Jr., Leeds, 18. 08 Michael McKinney, Bryant Pond, 19. 00 Chris Giguere, 20. 05x David Cook, Norway, 21. 44 Dana Cook, Minot

2019 Oxford Plains Speedway OAS Rebels Champion:
#5 Nate Dubuc - Lewiston, ME

Cruisers: 1. 4 Will Dunphy Jr., New Glouester, 2. 72 Phil Knowlton, Minot, 3. 26 Luke Decoster, Greene, 4. 50 Gerard Cote, Oxford, 5. 28 William Barker, 6. 17 Mickel Martin, 7. 33 Matt Hiscock, Turner, 8. 7 Carl Conant, Lewiston, 9. 89 Gene White, Lisbon

2019 Oxford Plains Speedway OAS Cruisers Champion:
#4 Will Dunphy Jr. - New Glouester, ME

Outlaws: 1. 1 Brandon Varney, Mechanic Falls, 2. 4 Calab Emerson-Mains, Richmond, 3. 16 Johnathon Emerson, Sabattus, 4. 2 Shaun Hinkley, Oxford, 5. 07 Richard Thompson Jr., Naples, 6. 29 Dean Hanscom, Gray, 7. 27 John Lizotte, Poland, 8. 74 Richard Thompson Sr., Naples, 9. 72 Deanna Bisbee, Greene, 10. 39 Gerald Freve, Buckfield, 11. 30 Matthew Veinott, Greene

2019 Oxford Plains Speedway OAS Outlaw Champion: 
#4 Calab Emerson-Mains - Richmond, ME

Ladies: 1. 21 Breeanna Spaulding, Lisbon, 2. 3 Shelby Shurleff, Dixfield, 3. 16 Chloe Kiley, West Paris, 4. 28 Sue Veinott, Greene, 5. 01 Mckalla Pulk, Richmond, 6. 44 Annie Charter, Mexico

2019 Oxford Plains Speedway OAS Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Ladies Champion:
#21 Breeanna Spaulding - Lisbon, ME

4 Cylinder Figure 8s: 1. 18 Dustin Salley, Mechanic Falls, 2. 8 Jason Cyr, Turner, 3. 77 Brandon Varney, Mechanic Falls, 4. 08 Kevin Bishop, 5. 9 Craig Moore

2019 Oxford Plains Speedway OAS 4-cylinder Figure 8 Champion:
#18 Dustin Salley - Mechanic Falls, ME