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Route 26, Oxford, ME  Phone: (207) 539-8865 
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Outlaws, Rebels,
Sport Trucks,
Ladies, Cruisers,
& 4 Cyl. Figure 8s
Varney Wins 2 Outlaw Features In A Row
OXFORD - Brandon Varney of Mechanic Falls stole the show Wednesday night winning both outlaw features. Rebels, Outlaws and 4 Cyl. Figure 8s had bonus races this week during the Oxford Acceleration Series event to make up the ones that got rained out two weeks ago.

Jason Cyr made his debut in the 4 Cyl. Figure 8s and won the first feature barely edging out Dustin Salley at the line. Salley settled for 2nd with Dale Durgin of Norway getting 3rd. Points leader Dustin Salley of Mechanic Falls took the win in the 2nd feature with Cyr getting 2nd and Kevin Bishop picking up 3rd.

Chris Foster of Bridgton captured his first career win in the first Runnin' Rebels feature. John Childs took the early lead with AJ Smith challenging by lap 4. While they battled Foster was making his way to the front passing both Nate Dubuc and Addie McDaniel for 3rd place. Foster continued up the outside to attempt to pass Smith. Smith moved to the inside of the leader and took the lead from Childs on lap 7. Foster looked every way to take the lead before finally getting past Smith on lap 15. AJ Smith of South Paris settled for 2nd while Addie McDaniel of Bridgton picked up 3rd place.

John Childs of Leeds won his 2nd Rebel race of the season during the 2nd caution filled race. Childs once again got the early lead and held it for all 20 laps and 5 cautions. Cam Childs of Leeds finished 2nd after working his way up from the middle of the pack, while Nate Dubuc of Lewiston took home 3rd after Doug Degroat was DQ'd in tech.

Chuck Estes of Lewiston led all 20 laps of the Sport Truck feature to win his 2nd of the season. Rick Dobson moved into the top 3 early on taking 2nd on lap 2 before jumping a curb and losing his spot to Ryan Farrar. Farrar fell back and Dobson regained his 2nd on lap 5. Max Rowe took over 3rd but was passed by Randy Green on lap 8. Green moved on to pass Dobson for 2nd but ended up sliding off turn 2 on lap 11. Rowe regained 3rd and looked to take 2nd from Dobson. Green spun on the back stretch bringing out a caution with only 4 laps to go.The caution was followed by a caution on the restart. After the last restart Rowe took over 2nd. Max Rowe of Turner finished in 2nd while Rick Dobson of Hartford rounded out the top 3 in 3rd.

Breeanna Spaulding of Lisbon won her 10th Ladies feature of the season. Spaulding took the early lead with Jenna Webster in 2nd. Deanna Bisbee raced up the outside taking 2nd on lap 3 and managed to catch up to Spaulding lap 9. Bisbee moved to the outside and it looked like she was going to take the lead but lost control and went off the top of turn 2. Webster moved back up to 2nd with Chloe Kiley in 3rd. Bisbee wasn't able to make it back up to the front. Jenna Webster of Standish took home 2nd place while Chloe Kiley of South Paris picked up 3rd.

William Dunphy Jr of New Glouester picked up his 5th win in the Cruisers Division this season. Dunphy took over 2nd place on lap 1 before finally getting by Matt Hiscock on lap 7 to take the lead. Gerard Cote raced in 3rd with Phil Knowlton on his bumper. Knowlton made contact with Cote bringing out a caution on lap 9. Knowlton was sent to the rear because of the incident. Dunphy kept the lead after 2 restarts with Hiscock and Luke Decoster behind him. Dunphy took the checkered, but unfortunately Matt Hiscock and Luke Decoster were DQ'd in tech so officially Gerard Cote of Oxford got 2nd with Carl Conant of Lewiston getting 3rd place.

Brandon Varney of Mechanic Falls took home the win in the first Outlaw feature of the night on Wednesday. John Lizotte Jr. started pole but after a caution on lap 1 Calab Emerson-Mains took the lead. Cody Childs and JC White were racing side by side for 3rd when Varney joined in to make it 3 wide. White passed Lizotte on lap 3 with Childs and Varney following right behind him. Childs and Varney soon passed White for 2nd and 3rd. After a caution lap 9, Mains kept the lead and Varney passed Childs for 2nd. Childs was all over Varney's bumper before Varney moved to the outside to take the lead from Mains. Childs moved to the
inside  and made contact with Mains, causing him to spin. Varney took the lead and a caution came out for Mains on lap 17. Childs wasn't done trying to get the win. On the restart he got into Varney which only caused him to get loose and fall back. Childs front fender ended getting hooked to Hinkley's rear fender, and they stayed hooked from the backstretch all the way to turn 4 where they spun off the track. Brandon Varney took the win with JC White of Norway taking home 2nd and John Lizotte Jr. of Lewiston getting 3rd.

Brandon Varney went 2 for 2 winning the 2nd Outlaw feature. Rick Thompson took the early lead with JC White in 2nd. Varney moved up the inside taking 2nd on lap 2. Varney and Thompson battled side by side for the lead until lap 16 when Varney was finally able to pull away. Richard Thompson of Naples settled for 2nd while JC White of Norway managed to get 3rd place.

4 Cylinder Figure 8s #1:
1. 8 Jason Cyr, 2. 18 Dustin Salley, Mechanic Falls, 3. 6 Dale Durgin Jr, Norway, 4. 08 Kevin Bishop, 5. 08x Michael Mckinney, Bryant Pond

Rebels #1:
1. 71 Chris Foster, Bridgton, 2. 50 AJ Smith, South Paris, 3. 56 Addie McDaniel, Bridgton, 4. 11 Cam Childs, Leeds, 5. 6 Cody White, West Paris, 6. 15 Nate Dubuc, Lewiston, 7. 84 Doug Degroat, 8. 9 Nick Odgen, 9. 69 John Childs, Leeds, 10. 19 Gregg Norton, Lewiston, 11. 00 Chris Giguere, Lisbon, 12. 12 Chris Lavanway, Auburn, 13. 21 Ralph Green, Auburn, 14. 7 Howie Roberts, Jay, 15. 10 Corey Roussel, South Paris, 16. 30 Nathan Williams, Turner, 17. 6g David Getchell, Cornville, 18. 08 Michael Mckinney, Bryant Pond, 19. 18x Matt Chamberlain, Bethel

Outlaws #1:
1. 1 Brandon Varney, Mechanic Falls, 2. 26 JC White, 3. 27 John Lizotte, Lewiston, 4. 4 Calab Emerson-Mains, Richmond, 5.3 9 Gerald Freve, Buckfield, 6. 30 Matthew Veinott, Greene, 7. 74 Richard Thompson, Bridgton, 8. 94 Cody Childs, Auburn, 9. 2 Shaun Hinkley, Oxford, 10. 07 Richard Thompson Sr., Naples, 11. 29 Dean Hanscom, Gray

4 Cylinder Figure 8s #2:
1. 18 Dustin Salley, Mechanic Falls, 2. 8 Jason Cyr, 3. 08 Kevin Bishop, 4. 6 Dale Durgin, Norway, 5. 08x Michael Mckinney, Bryant Pond

Sport Trucks:
1. 17 Chuck Estes, New Glouester, 2. 12 Max Rowe, Turner, 3. 05 Rick Dobson, Hartford, 4. 51 Mike Mayberry, Greene, 5. 39 Gale Williams, Lewiston, 6. 49 Jake Dobson, Hartford, 7. 2 Randy Green, West Paris, 8. 9 Ryan Farrar, Oxford

1. 21 Breeanna Spaulding, Lisbon, 2. 25 Jenna Webster, Standish, 3. Chloe Kiley, South Paris, 4.1 Deanna Bisbee, Greene, 5. 28 Susan Veinott, Greene, 6. 82 Brandi Libby, Porter, 7. 01 Mckalla Pulk, Richmond

1. 4 William Dunphy Jr, New Glouester, 2. 50 Gerald Cote, Oxford, 3. 7 Carl Conant, Lewiston, 4. 3 Charlie Hall Jr,Oxford, 5. 28 William Barker, 6. 41 Dean Hayward Jr, New Glouester, 7. 72 Phil Knowlton, Lisbon, 33 Matt Hiscock, Turner DQ, 26x Luke Decoster, Greene DQ, 17 Mickel Martin, Auburn DQ

Rebels #2:
1. 69 John Childs, Leeds, 2. 11 Cam Childs, Leeds, 3. 15 Nate Dubuc, Lewiston, 4. 6 Cody White, West Paris, 5. 19 Greg Norton, Lewiston, 6. 71 Chris Foster, Bridgton, 7. 00 Chris Giguere, Lisbon, 8. 69x Dana Cook, Naples, 9. 50 AJ Smith, South Paris, 10. 10 Corey Rousel, South Paris, 11. 08 Michael Mckinney, Bryant Pond, 12. 56 Addie McDaniel, Bridgton, 13. 6g David Getchell, Cornville, 14. 9 Nick Odgen, 15. 21 Ralph Green, Auburn, 16. 148 Don Smith, Oxford, 17. 26 Gardner Lavalley, 18. 7 Howie Roberts, Jay, 19. 30 Nathan Williams, Turner, 20. 18x Matt Chamberlain, Bethel, 21. 48 Keegan Meserve, 84 Doug Degroat DQ

Outlaws #2:
1. 1 Brandon Varney, Mechanic Falls, 2. 74 Richard Thompson, Naples, 3.2 6 JC White, 4. 4 Calab Emerson-Mains, Richmond, 5.2 Shaun Hinkley, Oxford, 6. 30 Matthew Veinott, Greene, 7. 3 Dean Hanscom, Gray, 8. 27 John Lizotte, Lewiston, 9. 25 Jenna Webster, Standish, 10. 39 Gerald Freve, Buckfield,  94 Cody Childs, Auburn, DQ