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Route 26, Oxford, ME  Phone: (207) 539-8865 
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Super Late Models, Street Stocks, Bandits, and Rookies
Crazy Horse Racing Super Late Models (50 laps): 1. 23 Dave Farrington, Sabattus, 2. 72 Scott Robbins, Dixfield, 3. 88 Brandon Barker, Windham, 4. 53 Alan Wilson, 5. 7G Curtis Gerry, Waterboro, 6. 94 Shawn Martin, Turner, 7 .61 TJ Brackett, Buckfield, 8. 29 Trevor Sanborn, Parsonsfield, 9. 47 Gabe Brown, Center Conway, NH, 10. 02 Brian Whalley, Laconia, NH, 11. 73ME Adam Polevinen, Hebron, 12. 60 Tim Brackett, Buckfield, 13. 8 Calvin Rose Jr., Turner, 14. 1 Kyle Desouza, Turner, 15. 03 Scott Moore, Anson, 16. 53x Billy Rodgers, Old Orchard Beach, 17. 10 Kate Re, Lovell, 18. 3c Josh Childs, Otisfield, 19. N40 Dan Mckeage, Gorham, 20. 36 Ryan Robbins, Dixfield, 21. 44T Kyle Treadwell, Oxford, 22. 21 Joey Doiron,Berwick
Farrington Finally Captures
 First Win of Season at Oxford
OXFORD, ME -- Dave Farrington Jr. of Sabbattus has been chasing the checkered this season at Oxford, either finishing 2nd and 3rd three out of five races this season. Finally he put on a great show earning the win in front of the fans who were able to make their first visit to the track this season due to the Covid-19 concerns.

Chloe Kiley of South Paris won her 3rd race of the season in the Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Ladies Division. Kasie Kolby started pole and was able to take the early lead holding off Kiley for 9 laps before Kiley passed her for the lead. Kiley led the rest of the 20 lap feature. Kasie Kolbe of Lisbon settled for 2nd place with Betty Nelson of Limington picking up the 3rd place spot.

Will Dunphy Jr of New Glouester took home his 3rd win of the season in the Rogees Auto Repair & Sales Cruisers Division. Dunphy took the lead on lap 2 and ran away with it. Behind him Phil Knowlton and Bill Grover spent the race battling for 2nd. Knowlton held onto it until lap 18 when Grover was able to get by him. Knowlton made contact with Grover's bumper and quickly took back the spot. Phil Knowlton of Minot got 2nd while Bill Grover of Waterford settled for a solid 3rd place finish.

Rick Thompson of Casco won his first of the season in the Harnish HVAC Consulting Outlaws ending Brandon Varney's 4 race winning streak. Richard Thompson took the early lead but only led a lap before carnage ensured on turn 2 bringing out the first caution of the feature. Rick Thompson took the lead on the restart with his father Richard falling to 2nd. Brady Childs made his way up to 3rd on lap 11 and took the spot from Matthew Veinott on lap 13. Three laps later Veinott spun bringing out a caution. Childs moved into 2nd on the restart, they went a lap before another pileup occurred bringing out another caution. Varney was involved in the first caution on lap 2 and unfortunately got into the one on lap 17 putting the end to his race. Thompson led the last 3 laps with Childs chasing him down. Brady Childs of Leeds ran out of time and had to settle for 2nd in front of Richard Thompson of Naples who picked up 3rd place.

Matt Mahar of Turner captured his 5th victory of the season in the Mixers Nightclub and Lounge Rebels. Thomas Richards started on pole but ended up spinning for a lap 1 caution. Cam Richards restarted as the leader but was quickly passed by Dustin Salley on the restart. Richards fell to 2nd in front of Corey Roussel. Mahar made his way up through the field passing for 3rd on lap 6 and 2nd on lap 8. Salley had pulled away from the field at that point and was catching up to the rear of the field. After two consecutive cautions on lap 16 and 17 Mahar took the lead on the last restart and led the last 3 laps of the feature. Dustin Salley of Poland and AJ Smith finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Ryan Farrar of Oxford dominated in the DnL Weatherization Sport Trucks winning his 4th feature of the season. Lukas Mitchell led half a lap before Farrar took the lead and even after a lap 1 caution he kept the lead. Randy Green moved into 2nd after the restart with Max Rowe behind him. Rowe took over 2nd on lap 2. Jake Dobson made his way up through the field passing Rowe for 2nd on lap 6, but Rowe took it back on lap 8. At this point Farrar was way ahead of the field, and no one was going to catch him. Farrar led the rest of the 20 lap race. During the last few laps Randy Green of West Paris passed Rowe to get 2nd place. Max Rowe of Turner settled for the 3rd place spot.

Dylan Cook of Minot scored his first win of the season in the T&M Commercial Funding Rookies. Cook took the early lead and battled with Alex Wilson until lap 7 when, after making contact, something in Wilson's car broke. Wilson brought out thr caution on lap 8. Cook kept the lead on the restart. Dylan Cook led the rest of the feature. Jeremy Turner of Norway took home 2nd with Samuel Wardwell getting 3rd.

Alex Mowatt of Norway took home his 2nd win of the season in the Spencer Paving Group Bandits. Doug Churchill started pole but before the first lap was complete the front of the field were involved in a wreck on turn 2. Unfortunately the car that got the most damage was last week's winner Chad Wills. He was unable to continue the race. Mowatt was involved in the carnage and pitted under caution to fix a dangling bumper. Travis Verrill restarted first with Eric Parlin beside him in 2nd. Verrill held on to the lead at the restart and Chris Foster moved into 2nd. Mowatt made his way up through the field, taking 3rd taking on lap 8. David Cook came out of nowhere passed both 3rd and 2nd on lap 12 before passing Verrill on lap 13. Foster and Mowatt battled for 3rd. Mowatt pulled away into 3rd on lap 15 before moving to the inside of Verrill on lap 16 and passing him for 2nd. Verrill fell out of the top 3 while Foster remained in 3rd. Cook led the rest of the race but after tech Alex Mowatt came out the official winner. Chris Foster of Bridgton got 2nd with Jeff Libby of Auburn taking home 3rd.

Billy Childs J.r of Leeds dominated all 30 laps of the Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Street Stocks to claim his first win of the season. Childs took the early lead with Pat Thorne in 2nd and Jordan Russell in 3rd. Russell passed for 2nd on lap 3. Childs led the rest of the feature with Jordan Russell of Norway finishing in 2nd with Patrick Thorne of Windham rounding out the top 3.

In the Crazy Horse Racing Super Late Models. oey Doiron started pole but dropped back at the start after seeming to suffer from a mechanical failure. He headed back to the pits only completing one lap.TJ  Brackett led the first 5 laps before Scott Robbins passed him. The first and only caution of the race came out lap 5. Robbins continued leading on the restart. Brandon Barker moved into 2nd with Brackett falling to 3rd. Dave Farrington Jr. made it up through the pack to Brackett and passed him for 3rd on lap 10. Farrington  passed Barker on the outside for 2nd on lap 17. Farrington spent the rest of the feature trying to catch Robbins. He finally caught up to him on lap 47. Farrington raced side by side with Robbins till lap 49 and managed to pass him on the last turn. Scott Robbins of Dixfield had to settle for 2nd place while Brandon Barker of Windham finished a solid 3rd place finish.

Skip Conner of Oakland won the 20 lap Wicked Good Vintage Racing Association feature in his '51 Chrysler. The drivers put on quite a show with at least 4 lead changes and no cautions. Nick Overton of Warren picked up a 2nd place finish in his '60 Chevy while Parker Long of Boothbay took home 3rd place in his '64 Fairlane.
Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Street Stocks (30 laps): 1. 1 Billy Childs Jr., Leeds, 2. 4 Jordan Russell, Norway, 3. 27 Patrick Thorne, Windham, 4. 83 Dan Brown, Peru, 5. 61 Matt Dufault, Naples, 6. 99 George Haskell, Casco, 7. 36 Richard Spaulding, Lisbon, 8. 95 Cody Childs, Auburn
Spencer Group Paving Bandits (20 laps): 1. 11 Alex Mowatt, Norway, 2. 71 Chris Foster, Bridgton, 3. 44 Jeff Libby, Auburn, 4. 24 Travis Verrill, Oxford, 5. 3 Eric Parlin, Oxford, 6. 55 Dean Jordan, 7. 22x Lukas Mowatt, Norway, 8. 04 Brandon Caston, Casco, 9. 42 Josh Lovell, Oxford, 10. 13 Charlie Hall Jr., Oxford, 11. 68 CJ Libby, Bridgton, 12. 91 Brady Heath, Waterford, 13. 07 Doug Churchill, 14. 52 Chad Wills, Oxford, 15. 53 Spencer Morse, 16. 22 David Cook
T&M Commercial Funding Rookies (15 laps): 1. 11 Dylan Cook, 2. 09 Jeremy Turner, 3. 19 Samuel Wardwell, 4. 4 Cody Macomber, Greene, 5. 8 Alex Wilson

Wicked Good Vintage Racing Association Late Models (20 laps): 1. 43 Skip Conner, Oakland, 2. 18 Nick Overlock, Warren, 3. 87 Parker Long, Boothbay, 4. 55 Chris Oglivy, Wincheste,r MA, 5. 0 Dean Grant, Detroit, 6. 97 Brian Hughes, Otisfield, 7. 2 Kevin Waterhouse, West Paris, 8. 19 Ben Overlock, Warren, 9. 420 Keith Smalley, Warren, 10. 32 Jim Kinney, Warren


Outlaws, Rebels, Trucks, Ladies, and Cruisers
Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Ladies (20 laps): 1.16 Chloe Kiley, South Paris, 2. 12 Kasie Kolbe ,Lisbon, 3 .8 Betty Nelson, Limington, 4. 28 Sue Veinott, Greene, 5. 82 Brandy Libby, 6.44 Annie Chartier, Mexico
Rogees Auto Repair and Sales Cruisers (20 laps): 1. 4 Will Dunphy, New Glouester, 2. K21 Phil Knowlton, Minot, 3. 8 Bill Grover, Waterford, 4. 28 William Barker, 5. 05 Gerard Cote, Oxford, 6 .00 Larry Lizotte, Poland, 7. 99 Michael Phillips, 8. 17 Mickel Martin, Auburn, 9. 5 Dominik Knowlton, Minot
Harnish HVAC Consulting Outlaws (20 laps): 1.07 Rick Thompson, Naples, 2. 10 Brady Childs, Leeds, 3.74 Richard Thompson Jr., Naples, 4. 30 Matt Veinott, Greene, 5. 72 Deanna Bisbee, 6. 4 Calab Emerson-Mains, Richmond, 7. 2 Shaun Hinkley, Oxford, 8. 21x Breeanna Spaulding, Lisbon, 9. 27 John Lizotte, Lewiston, 10.1 Brandon Varney, Mechanic Falls, 11. 8 Betty Nelson, Limington, 12. 37 Cam Richards, 13. 24 Jerry Burnham
Mixers Night Club and Lounge Rebels (20 laps): 1. 0 Matt Mahar, Turner, 2. 18 Dustin Salley, Poland, 3. 50 AJ Smith, Oxford, 4. 19 Greg Norton, Lewiston, 5. 1x Kevin Varney ,Mechanic Falls, 6. 10 Corey Roussel, South Paris, 7. 14x Adam Oneil, Turner, 8. 37 Cam Richards, 9. 69 John Childs, Leeds, 10. 21 Darryl Quinlan, Saco, 11. 52 Keegan Leighton, 12. 00 Chris Giguere, Auburn, 13. 31 Thomas Richards, 14. 22 Robert Lowe, 15. 3 Butch Keene, Turner, 16. 15 Nate Dubuc ,Lewiston, 17. 44 David Cook, 18. 84 Doug Degroat
DnL Weatherization Sport Trucks (20 laps): 1. 9 Ryan Farrar, Oxford, 2. 2 Randy Green, West Paris, 3. 12 Max Rowe, Turner, 4. 19 Lukas Mitchell, 5. 05 Rick Dobson, Hartford, 6. 21 Alex Moore, Oxford, 7. 17 Chuck Estes, 8, 51 Kyle Glover, Oxford, 9. 74 John Curtis, 10. 3 Autumn Berry, Andover, 11. 49 Jake Dobson, Hartford