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Route 26, Oxford, ME  Phone: (207) 539-8865 
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Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Ladies,
Macdonald Motors Bridgton Runnin' Rebels,
Outlaws, Sport Trucks, Crusiers, & Figure 8s
Oxford, ME - Josh Knoll of Mechanic Falls claimed victory in the 25-lap Enduro race, highlighting the special Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Motor Mayhem racing card Saturday night at Oxford Plains Speedway.

Knoll raced with the leaders throughout the event and crossed under the checkered flag with an apparent third-place finish, but both drivers finishing ahead of him ran afoul of technical inspectors after the race to hand him the victory.

Mike St. Germain of Auburn ended up with a second-place finish, with Kurt Whiting of Ossipee, New Hampshire third in the rundown. Billy McIntyre of Windham and Brunswick's William Barker rounded out the top five.

Enduro runner-up St. Germain became the first driver to beat Jon Lizotte in a Figure 8 race in the 21st century, picking up his first-ever victory in the Wood Pellet Warehouse-sponsored class.

Eric Hodgkins of Auburn nailed down a runner-up finish, with Geoffrey Low of Minot bouncing back to finish third after riding the wall early in the 15-lapper. Points leader Jon Lizotte of Mechanic Falls was fourth, followed by Allen Higgins of Brunswick.

Gerry McKenna of Wilton made a bold, last-lap move to the lead and was triumphant in the 20-lap feature race for the Sport Truck division.

West Paris competitor Daniel Vachon, who won his first heat race earlier in the evening, led the first 19.9 laps. His second-place finish was a career-best. Corey Williams of Sumner, Mark Grantham of Casco and Sumner's Herb Farrar rounded out the top five.

Shaun Hinkley of Oxford led wire-to-wire in what was a hotly-contested race for supremacy in the 20-lap main event for MacDonald Motors Runnin' Rebel division competitors.

Matthew Mahar of Buckfield made it interesting before settling for runner-up laurels. Calvin Rose, Jr. of Turner, Cam Childs of Leeds and current points leader Nathan Dubuc of Lewiston rounded out the top five.

Michael Haynes of Livermore Falls cruised to victory in the 20-lapper for Outlaw division racers. Turner's Matt Dufault put on a show, passing most of the field to finish in second position. Points leader Steve Moon of Gray was third, with the top five filled out by Andy King of Portland and Casco's George Haskell.

Rick Thompson of Naples scored an impressive victory in the Cruisers class. Enduro winner Knoll was the best of the rest, with John Childs of Leeds earning third-place hardware. Mikel Martin of Auburn and Poland's Dale Clark, Jr. completed the top-five rundown.

Maggie Ferland of Poland dominated the Ladies division 20-lapper. Shelby Shurtleff of Dixfield claimed runner-up honors. Shelby Lawrence of Lisbon Falls was third in a borrowed ride. Carleigh Vaughn of Naples and Greene's Susan Veinott filled out the top five.

Jason LaValley of Auburn was declared the winner of the Flagpole race after the apparent victor did not meet posted technical spefications after the event. Troy Smith of Bridgton and Auburn's Mike St. Germain filled out the podium.

Mark Pennell topped 15 other competitors in Spectator Drags competition. Billy Dixon of Ossipee, New Hampshire prevailed in the Smoky Donut Show. Gerald Parlin of South Paris was best in the tough truck tug of war.

Saturday night (July 25) Dave's Small Engines presents Ventrac Night, featuring the return of the ACT Late Model Tour along with the weekly Budweiser Championship Series divisions led by the Super Late Models. Oxford Plains Speedway is located on Route 26 in Oxford, Maine. For more information visit or call (207) 539-8865.

Results from Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Motor Mayhem
Oxford Plains Speedway; Saturday, July 18, 2015
(finishing position, car number, driver, driver's hometown).

Photos by Joseph Johnson -

Wood Pellet Warehouse Figure 8 (15 laps)
1 777 Mike St. Germain, Auburn; 2 97 Eric Hodgkins, Auburn; 3 6 Geoffrey Low, Minot; 4 27 Jon Lizotte, Mechanic Falls; 5 71 Allen Higgins, Brunswick; 6 57 Wayne Ambrose, Brunswick; 7 54 David Smith, South Paris; 8 27jr John Lizotte, Mechanic Falls.

MacDonald Motors Runnin' Rebel (20 laps)
1 2 Shaun Hinkley, Oxford; 2 0 Matthew Mahar, Buckfield;
3 8 Calvin Rose, Jr., Turner; 4 11 Cam Childs, Leeds; 5 15 Nathan Dubuc, Lewiston; 6 18 Dustin Salley, Poland; 7 5 Matt Thibeault, Poland; 8 6 Cody White, Buckfield; 9 52 Mike Nichols, Livermore Falls; 10 94 Cody Childs, Auburn; 11 71 Brent Freve, Livermore; 12 29 Robert Landers, Norway; 13 7x Albert Smith, Jr., South Paris; 14 48 Don Smith, Oxford; 15 13 Richard Kimball, Mechanic Falls; 16 56 Adrianna McDaniel, Bridgton; 17 66 Joel Butterfield, Winthrop.

Outlaw (20 laps)
1 67 Michael Haynes, Livermore Falls; 2 77 Matt Dufault, Turner; 3 19 Steve Moon, Gray; 4 1 Andy King, Portland; 5 99 George Haskell, Casco; 6 4 Caleb Emerson, New Gloucester; 7 18 Parker Varney, Windham; 8 39 Gerry Freve, Buckfield; 9 35 Dale Brackett, South Paris; 10 33 Jonah Farrington, Minot; DNS 36x Jeremy Decoster, Lewiston.

Cruiser (20 laps)
1 74 Rick Thompson, Naples; 2 8 Joshua Knoll, Mechanic Falls; 3 69 John Childs, Leeds; 4 72 Mikel Martin, Auburn; 5 55 Dale Clark, Jr., Poland; 6 20 John Poulin, Auburn; 7 14 Shawn Berry, Livermore Falls; 8 41 Ronnie O'Brien, New Gloucester; 9 56 Cam Childs, Leeds; 10 2 Jeremy Decoster, Lewiston; 11 04 Will Dunphy, New Gloucester.

Sport Truck (20 laps)
1 12 Gerry McKenna, Wilton; 2 77 Daniel Vachon, West Paris; 3 39 Corey Williams, Sumner; 4 07 Mark Grantham, Casco; 5 14 Herb Farrar, Sumner; 6 69 Alfred McKenna, Rumford; 7 18 Adam Farrar, Oxford.

Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Ladies (20 laps)
1 8 Maggie Ferland, Poland; 2 3 Shelby Shurtleff, Dixfield; 3 39 Shelby Lawrence, Lisbon Falls; 4 34 Carleigh Vaughn, Naples; 5 28 Susan Veinott, Greene; 6 29 Shannon Wheeler, Oxford; 7 35 Janice Bryant, Otisfield; 8 44 Annie Charter, Mexico; 9 36 Christina Spaulding, Lisbon.

Spectator Drags: 1 Mark Pennell, 2 Kyle Curtis.

Smokey Donut Show: 1 Billy Dixon, 2 Corey Higgins.

Truck Tug of War: 1 Gerald Parlin, South Paris; 2 Dan Wade, New Gloucester.