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August 7, 2009

Kyle, Kurt Hewins steal show;
Jason Black captures full-size Enduro 

OXFORD, Maine The brother act of Kyle and Kurt Hewins was heavily involved in almost every facet of a wildly successful second Motor Mayhem of the summer Friday night at Oxford Plains Speedway.

Kurt Hewins outlasted four rivals and owned the "last boat standing" in Oxford's inaugural trailer race. Hewins celebrated in unforgettable fashion by sawing on the steering wheel, tipping his own boat, then destroying the one-time watercraft by driving the car borrowed from Dale Sanborn completely through it.

Minutes earlier, Hewins' race-long stalking of leader Jason Black was the highlight of a 50-lap Enduro for full-size cars.

"They told me to go after him," Hewins said. "I was just trying to make it fun for the fans."

Black won the $500 first-place check with a last-lap pass, anyway, when leader Bobby Scammon was forced off the backstretch to avoid a spinning lapped car.

Mike Kyllonen, Billy Rideout and Gerald Parlin rounded out the top five in the 25-car field. Amazingly, all five finished on the lead lap.

Kyle Hewins and Skip Douglass Jr. ran one-two in the 50-lap companion event for compact cars. They also joined forces to dominate a 20-lap tag team race.

The younger Hewins, who already owns seven Acceleration Series victories this season, recovered from an early-race spin to reel in race leader Josh Childs on lap 35.

Childs dropped from the picture with mechanical difficulties, vaulting Jamie Heath to third, Nick Hanson to fourth and Guy Childs to fifth.

For the second straight Motor Mayhem, Bruce Berry defeated brother Dennis Berry in the Spectator Drags final. Bruce swept the best-of-three conclusion.

Doug Dixon edged Junior Kimball in a rambunctious Smoky Donut Show competition, with previous champion Jim Pineo and Billy Dixon also reaping rave reviews from the appreciative crowd.

The Dodge Raminator monster track and Vertical Outlaws motorcycle stunt team also showcased their precision and skill for the fans. 

FULL SIZE (50 laps)
1. #77 Jason Black, Manchester, 50 laps
2. #0x Bobby Scammon, Freeport, 50
3. #27 Mike Kyllonen, Mechanic Falls, 50
4. #48 Billy Rideout, Parsonsfield, 50
5. #8 Gerald Parlin, South Paris, 50
6. #155 Jason Cyr, Turner, 49
7. #22 Dave Thurlow, Gray, 49
8. #92 Dale Sanborn, Parsonsfield, 49
9. #39 Larry Audet, Turner, 48
10. #57 Chad Richard, Leeds, 48
11. #00 Jeremy Wagner, Bryant Pond, 47
12. #9 Roger Bradstreet, Topsham, 44
Also competing:
#0 Josh Childs, Oxford
#14 Matt Moore, South Paris
#41 Logan Melcher, Livermore Falls
#44 Dana Cook, Auburn 
#55 Kurt Hewins, Leeds
#11 Randy Robitaille, Norway
#777 Mike St. Germain, Auburn
#12 Nik Coates, Lisbon
#7UP Tory Hutchinson, Poland
#7 Chris Burgess, Sabattus
#90 Keith Landry, Oxford
#72 T.J. Bradstreet, Harpswell
#81 Gage Young, Topsham
Lap leaders: R. Bradstreet 1-2, Cook 3-21, Black 22-43, Scammon 44-49, Black 50.
Red flags: 2 (laps 12, 29)
Time of race: 35 minutes, 37 seconds

COMPACT (50 laps)
1. #54 Kyle Hewins, Leeds, 50 laps
2. #68 Skip Douglass Jr., Buckfield, 50
3. #91 Jamie Heath, Waterford, 49
4. #101 Nick Hanson, Leeds, 49
5. #1 Guy Childs, Turner, 49
6. #5 Jason Gaboury, Readfield, 49
7. #33 Doug Wilson, Oxford, 48
8. #80 Greg Perry, Casco, 46
9. #37 Jeremy Lauzier, Mexico, 46
10. #0 Curt Chapman, Lewiston, 45
11. #2 Mike Shrier, Denmark, 44
Also competing: 
#14 Mike Childs, Auburn
#00 Jeremy Wagner, Bryant Pond
#3x Josh Childs, Oxford
#99 Brian Edwards, South Paris
#12 Doug Dixon, Ossipee, N.H.
#7 Troy Couillard, Turner
#29 Rodney Leach, Rumford
#9 Clifford Gibbs, Buckfield
#3 Charlie Hall, Oxford
#13 James Richardson, Auburn
#49 Aaron Small, Casco
#8x Dustin Salley, Auburn
#65 Ray Files Jr., South Paris
#45 Dean Hayward Jr., Gray
#94 John Manchester, South Paris
Lap leaders: J. Childs 1, Douglass 2-3, Hewins 4, G. Childs 5-6, J. Childs 7-34, Hewins 35-50.
Red flags: 2 (laps 1, 18)
Time of race: 28 minutes, 47 seconds

TAG TEAM RACE (20 laps)
1. Kyle Hewins/Skip Douglass Jr.
2. Jamie Heath/Craig Bartlett
Also competing:
Jason Berry/Troy Jordan
Jeremy Wagner/Matt Moore
Nik Coates/Jerry Freve
James Richardson/Bobby Scammon
Dana Cook/Logan Melcher
Josh Childs/Tory Hutchinson
Chris Burgess/Charlie Hall
Gerald Parlin/Randy Robitaille
Rob Lowe/Dustin Salley
Guy Childs/Mike Childs
Kurt Hewins/Jason Gaboury
Nick Hanson/Chad Richard
Keith Landry/Mike St. Germain

1. Kurt Hewins, Leeds
Also competing:
Chad Richard, Leeds
Randy Robitaille, Norway
Ralph Felker, Poland
Walter Connell, Norway

1. Bruce Berry, New Gloucester
2. Dennis Berry, Gray

1. Doug Dixon, Ossipee, N.H.
2. Junior Kimball, Bethel





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